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Borough: I reside in Oakland, CA but in NYC, LES and Bk is where i stay when visit.

Profession: account director @ MKTG

Social: @domizzo IG. @Dom_izzo Twitter. 

Tell me something about yourself that people in your chosen industry would find interesting.

That i have personal interests and passions that don’t have anything to with the job I’m currently in. I enjoy my gig but having something of my own, in the city i grew up in that brings people together is the move for me. Not the agency life. 

Tell me about how you met Nur?

Mannnn. I met Nur at a Disclosure concert. We knew of each other off social media but we just happened to be at that same concert at MSG and did the “I know you...kinda exchange.” She was deathly sick I remember and she still went to the show which told me she was a G off top. 

Most treasured way you spent time in 2018? 

I think moving back to the bay after 14 years away, bringing my girl and being around my family has definitely been a treasure i get to experience often now that I’m back home. 

What advice would you give someone who's leaving NYC?

NYC will always be there. If you did it right, you’ll have friends that will forever hold you down so whatever city is next, immerse yourself in it. Don’t compare it to NYC because there’s nothing like it. But make the new place your own. Create new experiences and just enjoy that shit. 

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