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Profession: Hip-Hop Sketch Comedian

Borough: South Harlem, Manhattan, NYC

Connect: @ItsTheReal

Tell me something about yourself that people in your profession would find interesting.

I once got hit on by a girl who thought I was Jeff Goldblum even though he's several decades older than I am.

How did you met Nur? 

When Nur first heard about my brother and myself, she was very uninterested. Aggressively uninterested, even. But then she met us, became one of our best and closest friends and people thought she was our manager. Honestly, she should've been our manager.

Most treasured way you spent time this year?

I always enjoy not-enjoying parties with Nur.

What advice would you give someone who's leaving NYC and moving to a new city? 

Find good food and make good friends, and combine those as much as possible. And don't unfollow me on IG just because we don't live in the same city anymore.

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