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(with Terry Edwards, Karl Antle + Brian DiMarco)

On Thursday November 15th, we put on a culinary experience for a gathering of 130 guests at the former home of Willem De Kooning in Union Square. 

On that particularly snowy eve, we presented  Strength in Spirit - a collection of 4 paintings by Brooklyn visual artist and healer Allison Strickland. Think gallery exhibition, meets symposium, meets pop up restaurant, with songs and really good chat. I adore Allison and the work she does in empowering creative humans.

My higher purpose for our evening was to introduce Dan Giusti and his Brigaid story to our beloved music industry family. Good things happen at the dinner table, and so our guests were treated to tasting plates by my favorite chefs and mates Terry Edwards, Jessica Mattheus and Oscar Humphreys. In the wise words of Terry - just a few mates and a few plates!

As 2018 draws to a close, I am inspired by the power of art and food as common ground for us all. The health of our humanity and our concern for the future can be tested by how well we feed our people. How we feed their body (food), mind (education) and spirit (art). This program is how my crew and I manifest that truth. In the context of the music business, our most precious resource is our people. When we nurture them we are empowered to tell new stories about who we are. Story is important, because as humans it’s how we form our identity. What does your 2018 say about your identity? What were your most special moments? December is a wonderful time for us to have a ponder on these things. 

As I was editing photographs from the night I thought a lot about time. Time is precious. It does not bend. It cannot be argued with. You can’t see it, feel it or touch it. You can’t buy it and yet it is constant. Life is what you do with the time you get. As humans, we make sense of it with the chapters of our lives and those whom we choose to share this time with. It rather literally took a village to produce Strength in Spirit. My heart sank to my ankles when I learned that Chef Giusti was stuck in the snow and would not make it to the event - but we cracked on and I would not have had it any other way. Giusti was with us in spirit.

In closing, I am so excited for the forthcoming sophomore album from MONDO COZMO. 

When life gives you chickpeas. Make hummus.

With Love,


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Our chef’s tasting plates were accompanied by delicious fresh baked bread from Roberta’s of Brooklyn.

Flat white coffee’s and espresso martinis were made by the team at Salt Water Coffee on E 12th Street and paired with dessert bites made by Keay. K and Caffe Marchio.

Our mates at Barterhouse + Iconic paired wine by Massi di Mandorlaia, Morellino di Scansano Carbonile (2014), Cà di Rajo, Marca Trevigiana Pinot Grigio (2015), VINACCIO Blanco + Rosso.

Mixology pairings by Husdon Whiskey, Monkey Shoulder, Flor de Cana Run, Fine & Rare, Reyka Vodka.

Craft beer flights were prepared and served by Kona Brewing Company + Omission.

In solidarity with my love for Mezcal, Brian DiMarco poured Grupo Mexcalito, Mezcal Joven Artesanal Agasajo Abocado con Gusano.

Music for the evening was curated by the legendary David Colombo (BLANCA) and Craig Averill - who each played their favorite records on Shinola turntables and speakers.

The luscious scent in the air was from candles by LE LABO in Cedre 11, hand poured specially for S W A N F E A T H E R. (A nod to Josh Abrahams + Mel Elias who share our love for LeLabo!)

Particular thanks to our presenting sponsors - Amanda Schupf, Rich Christina, Rob Stevenson, Craig Averill, Seth Kallen and Tom Kartsotis. Thank you for always showing up and saying yes. 

Special mention + three cheers to Henry Lyons from my team - who always gets it done. 

Much love to MONDO COZMO - who flew in from LA to show his personal support and treat our audience to an intimate acoustic performance.

Event Photography by Brendan “Buffalo” Swift.