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Profession: Artist Management

Borough: Manhattan

Connect: @RamyaVelury

Tell me something about yourself that people in your chosen industry would find interesting?
My parents sent me to doctor camp at UCLA in high school. The day we took a tour of the school's hospital is when Michael Jackson came in to the ER and passed away. I am not a doctor.

Describe Nur in a 6-word story: 

Traveled to Paris to retrieve her grills.

Most treasured way you spent time in 2018? 

We go to the movies in Battery Park and sneak and Shake Shack. We've seen some terrible films, but it's always special with Nur!

What advice would you give someone who's leaving NYC and moving to a new city? 

If you're leaving NYC, always be prepared to come back one day. This city won't let you leave for too long. I haven't moved to a new city in 8 years ( I moved from Kentucky to NYC). But if I had to do it all over again, I think I would remind myself not to be friends with the first people I meet. They often end up being the weirdos.

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