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Borough: Brooklyn (but from UPTOWN)

Profession: Singer/ Educator

Say Hello: IG- @Shyyvonne / Twitter- @Shyvonne

Tell me something about yourself that people in your chosen industry would find interesting.

Many people I work with in education have no idea that I not only played a sport in college (Division 1 AA, Towson University Track & Field) but was also pre-law in undergrad & worked in the entertainment industry before education (Def Jam/ Bad Boy)!

Tell me about how you met Nur.

Nur and I met through Fadia at some holiday party (I think at 105 Rivington), a few weeks later I went to the Scratch Holiday Party to see my friends Telephoned perform and I saw Nur again! Because unlike myself she actually worked there! Next thing I know me and my best friend Keeys are the only non-Scratch employees on a Mexican party bus heading to the after party. It’s been #NurVonneForever ever since! 

Most treasured way you spent time in 2018?

In June, I went to Paris, Sicily and Amsterdam. Traveling is always such a beautiful, enlightening and humbling experience. There’s a small village in Sicily called Tindari, where you can find the church of the Black Madonna. The Black Madonna has legend of healing but also the lesson of acceptance and tolerance. I prayed in the church for peace & healing then gave gratitude by the cliff overlooking the ocean. Those moments closest to nature is where I feel God most, it’s what I treasure most. 

What advice would you give someone who's leaving NYC and moving to a new city?

My advice would be to remember why you came to NY in the first place. What you learned about yourself in this beautiful struggle of a city and what lessons to take with you to your next life destination. Your heart will always tell you when it needs more, so listen and always act accordingly. Advice may vary, especially since I am from NY but I do think It’s an epic love story that can either hurt you or help you grow. NY may not be forever for everyone but we were all here during a season together for a reason. Reflect on those lessons, take that NY courage wherever you go but don’t expect anywhere else to be like it because for better or worse it won’t be.

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