S T O R Y   A N D   D I S P O S I T I O N


Photography by Isaac Rosenthal

Words by Michelle Sullivan



A series that profiles artists and advocates of the music industry community.

We choose to document these wonderful people, because we believe in them. We want you to see the magic, complexity and beauty that we see.

Our tools are the art of portrait photography, interview and song selection.

Belief is powerful.





Mr. Calderon was born and raised in the Bronx. He is a creator and true ambassador for the beauty of what happens between the beat and the dance-floor. To us, he is simply Danny - friend, DJ, music producer, educator and our source for all good menu choices at Dominican spots around the city.



EB Rebel is an MC, songwriter, music producer, college graduate and recent New York City transplant. We first came to know Miss Ebonie Tave though ‘Don’t Care’, her independently released 2016 track, from her EP 'Trance’. Since getting to know EB personally, we believe so very much in what she brings to our music community.



Jason Wesley graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science & Music Business from Full Sail University in 2014. He has a big warm smile and a fierce tenacious spirit. Since relocating to New York City in January of 2015, Jason has dedicated his craft through joining the family at Warner Music Group (WEA).


Kristan McCann is an A&R executive and can be found most days at RCA Records in New York City. She is a Detroit native, but now calls Brooklyn her home. She has exceptional taste in music that goes beyond sound and into a remarkable empathy for the creative spirit. Kristan is a true advocate for the artist.