Inspiration can come from anywhere. Creative ideas exist on a higher level than a specific product - a chef can be inspired by a painting as much as a recipe.  The medium might be different, but the core idea will translate and manifest. My goal is to give you a personal introduction to songwriters and music producers. We will learn more about what inspires them and explore the different mediums that influence their craft. 




This week meet Wolfe, an artist, producer and songwriter from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Now based in New York, his ethereal and haunting take on pop grapples with subjects spanning from identity to sexual assault. Outside of music, Wolfe has a burgeoning modeling career, having walked for VFILES at New York Fashion Week.

Listen to the lead single "Brake" from his upcoming EP.




“In high school, I used to skip class and go on hikes every day. My school was in the middle of the woods, so I would just disappear. It was very introspective. More than being inspired by the sounds, I was inspired by the feeling of being submerged in that place. It's like being underwater. That the feeling I'm trying to recreate."



“I love Pokemon. But only the cute ones. My favorite is Togepi – I have a keychain of one that I carry with me everywhere. There's a lightness to the cuteness that impacts the sonic aesthetic choices that I make. While nature is more emotive, this is more sparkly. It juxtaposes in that way."



“It's so beautiful. The stylistic choices made are very special to me. Everyone is wearing nude slips except for the one red dress. The dance floor is covered in red clay soil. Stravinsky, who composed the music, is of course amazing. It's very easy to be inspired by him. The cinematic element of the piece in combination with the emotional arc have been very influential for me."