She's a brilliant creative mind and a natural born leader. She also happens to be Head of North America, Artist and Label Marketing at Spotify. 



Our Shukat Fellow - Rosa Asciolla - was recently promoted into the role of Head of North America, Artist and Label Marketing at Spotify. She is based at Spotify HQ in Los Angeles, although does travel frequently between New York and Nashville. 

With Rosa in her new leadership position, we are excited for what her vision will mean for artist and label campaigns. If you have ideas for how you might collaborate with Rosa and her Spotify team, please do get in touch and we can help make an introduction.

New beginnings must always be celebrated with jolly cheers, and so this week we held a banquet dinner event for Rosa at MARTA Restaurant on E 29th Street. When you visit MARTA It's easy to understand why Danny Meyer, Anasua Chowdhury, and the crew set the standard for magical hospitality in New York City. 

Order the zucchini fritte. It is exquisite.