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Borough:  Manhattan 

Profession: co-Founder THE FADER/Cornerstone Agency 

Say Hello: @faderfam (instagram and twitter

Tell me something about yourself.

I have run 15 marathons.

How did you meet Nur? 

I met Nur when she was just starting out her career in NY and she worked for us at FADER/Cornerstone. We knew she was a future star and trusted her with a lot of work. 

Most treasured way you spent time in 2018? 

Going to Japan for 2 weeks with my wife and kids. it was incredible. 

What advice would you give someone who's leaving NYC and moving to a new city?

There is nothing more exciting than digging in and getting to know a new city. Become an explorer with every free minute to learn the bars, the food, the music, the culture and the people. 

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