Emily Warren and Aaron Bay-Schuck

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A discussion on creative life as a young songwriter who just had her first Billboard #1.

Emily Warren is a Grammy-nominated and multi-platinum selling songwriter.

Aaron Bay-Schuck is President of A&R at Interscope Geffen A&M in Los Angeles.

Theme music composed and performed by Henry Lyons.

Illustration by Grace Hauck

Recorded at Interscope Records in Santa Monica.

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N O T A B L E   Q U O T E S


“I hated that I was the kid that was slacking at school. But in my head, I was one of the people who had figured out what I wanted to do early on. I wasn’t sitting at home playing video games or doing drugs. I was following something.”



“I really discovered the movement behind the music I was listening to.”



“When people ask did you get the most out of college, in terms of how I matured and found passion for what I want to do for a living, absolutely. That was why college was most useful.”



“People genuinely just want to make good music. I am so drawn to that.”



“The songs that are almost uncomfortable, that are so vulnerable and honest. That’s when you hear why I listen to music. That’s what hit me in the first place.”



“Everybody’s work is better when they’re having fun. The best songs are ones that say something, and that feel their structure, their arrangement is different than anything out there.”