Inspiration can come from anywhere. Creative ideas exist on a higher level than a specific product - a chef can be inspired by a painting as much as a recipe.  The medium might be different, but the core idea will translate and manifest. My goal is to give you a personal introduction to songwriters and music producers. We will learn more about what inspires them and explore the different mediums that influence their craft. 

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This week meet IDKHIM, a producer and vocalist brought up in Crown Heights. His music is driving and organic, employing his hip hop sensibility with contemporary electronic elements. He is a true creative, inspired and active not just in music, but in visual arts as well. We discussed how his upbringing and broad interests have influenced his sound.

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There’s a huge legacy in culture and arts in Brooklyn. I grew up on artists like Jay-Z and Biggie, figures like them are really important to me. I’m not saying I’m planning on being the best rapper alive or anything like that, but I don’t want to be a corny musician out of respect for what Brooklyn stands for. I get a sense of honor coming from a place like that. I don’t want to disappoint the reputation. I want to be one of those names people talk about.



I’m very visual. When I make music, I think of the video right when I’m getting started. My favorite director is Wes Anderson. I’m really inspired by his attention to detail. I incorporate the same idea into my music – the more unnecessary, necessary information you give, the better the picture comes out. I also love the way he uses color to create a feeling. I do the same thing with my music. I’m not sure I’d say I have Synesthesia, but once a song is finished I definitely hear blues or pinks.



I like to mix and match vibes. I love people who combine street fashion with high fashion. It’s cool to blend bedroom vibes, with Louvre vibes, with Grammy vibes – and that mindset is prevalent in my music as well. I’ll mix deep house with T-Pain and Travis Scott. In that way, putting together an outfit is kind of like putting together a song.