Inspiration can come from anywhere. Creative ideas exist on a higher level than a specific product - a chef can be inspired by a painting as much as a recipe.  The medium might be different, but the core idea will translate and manifest. My goal is to give you a personal introduction to songwriters and music producers. We will learn more about what inspires them and explore the different mediums that influence their craft. 

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This week meet Matt Wang, a multi-instrumentalist producer and TV composer born and raised in New York City. He has a gift for spanning across genre, with a unique sensibility to the distinguishing qualities in different style of music which he manipulates to create specific moods. We sat down to discuss the people who have influenced his approach.




He’s all about having a great team, and a lot of musicians value the same thing. Anyone from Hans Zimmer to Kanye West will tell you that their teams are very tightly knit and ready to face any challenge that might come up. I think it was Gordon who said that if you don’t have the right ingredients, you’re screwed from the beginning. There’s something about that organizational aspect of cooking that has really aided me in music making.



I actually hated the show at first, but I think we can all kind of relate to Fry. He’s the main character in Futurama. He’s a lovable idiot who is accidentally cryogenically frozen and wakes up 1,000 years in the future. It’s a completely different world where everyone he knew has died, but he’s somehow cheery about it and starts a new life. There’s something really admirable about his persistence and dedication.



Hans Zimmer is one of the first musicians I remember actively loving. The third Pirates of the Caribbean was the first movie where I heard electric guitar with an orchestra. And later on, with Inception for instance, Hans would go on to blend a lot of synthesizers as well. As a guitar player, I thought synths were kind of the anti-music tool, and I thought classical musicians were the greatest. But seeing it all blend into such a seamless musical identity opened up a lot of worlds for me. It made me open to more genres of music. And I’m really happy to say that I’m going to be going over to Santa Monica this summer and intern at Hans Zimmer’s Remote Control Productions.