Inspiration can come from anywhere. Creative ideas exist on a higher level than a specific product - a chef can be inspired by a painting as much as a recipe.  The medium might be different, but the core idea will translate and manifest. My goal is to give you a personal introduction to songwriters and music producers. We will learn more about what inspires them and explore the different mediums that influence their craft. 

A new profile is published every Tuesday. 

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This week meet Photay, a producer whose distinct sound blends unusual synths, expansive percussion and unexpected horn section. In many ways, his music is almost orchestral in sensibility, bringing you through different sonic worlds that build and then collapse in on themselves. Right now, he's deep in the trenches of creating new music – more information is yet to be announced.

Listen to his most recent EP Sadie on Bandcamp.




"I’m a sucker for textures. Often very small and intricate. Condensation on the window after a shower, floating dust particles highlighted by sunlight or rainbow on concrete from car oil spillage. I like capturing these moments with my camera. I search for aesthetics that are 100% naturally occurring but appear manipulated."



"The pool has become a huge constant in my life over the past year. It provides the perfect balance when grinding over music projects all day. Helps me jump out of my skin for a bit. The repetitious strokes get my mind going."



"I am hugely inspired by the great outdoors… by nature. Especially as I dive deeper into electronic music, deeper into performing, deeper into DJing, deeper into clubs. Stepping out for a bit and surrounding myself with nature keeps me grounded. I take a lot of trips back to upstate NY where I grew up. The silence, the pace and the lack of social distractions is a shocking but healthy detox. Then cabin fever hits and the city calls!"