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Blue Water Grill

31 Union Square W, New York, NY 10003

Order: Line To Lunch

Knowledge: Blue Water Grill supports local vendors from the Union Square Greenmarket as well as seafood purveyors who are dedicated to sustainable practices.

Wisdom from Myles: We live and work in a people business first and foremost, and while it all begins with the ‘song’, I have always worked to serve and protect the people who write those songs. I have had the unique fortune throughout my career to have known and represented some of the greatest music-makers in the history of the world. It is their creative genius that has employed me and enriched my life - and that of my children. I have said to anyone who will listen, time and time again, without the music - more specifically, without the people who write the music - there is no music industry whatsoever. No agents, no publishers, no labels, no producers, no syncs, no airplay, no Spotify, no Apple Music, and no Pandora. Everyone in this business would do well to be mindful of that each and every day.



1. When you're talking you're not learning anything, be mindful to shut up and listen.

2. Return all of your phone calls - in this day and age, that means to also stay on top of your emails - a yes or no will often suffice.

3. Show up on time, as your time is valuable to you, so too is the time of the person you have agreed to meet.

4. Your reputation is everything and is the only thing you will take with you when you die.