Covent Garden Hotel

10 Monmouth Street

London, WC2H 9HB

Order: La Vie En Rose

Knowledge: Monmouth Street is located in the Seven Dials district of Covent Garden.

By the 19th century, Seven Dials was among the most notorious slums in London, as part of the rookery of St Giles. The area was written about by Charles Dickens - In his collection Sketches by Boz, Dickens remarks:

The stranger who finds himself in the Dials for the first the entrance of Seven obscure passages, uncertain which to take, will see enough around him to keep his curiosity awake for no inconsiderable time...

Wisdom from Nur: Don’t be afraid to take breaks and restore when you need it. I recently decided to take a break from work (and New York) due to a family health issue and spent the last couple months traveling, sailing, spending time on the beach, being around people I love. As someone who chose to start a life away from home and then never took a break, I can say that this break gave me all the perspective I needed. The hustle will always be there when you’re ready to jump back in it. What matters is that you’re happy and inspired.



Nur is a music marketing specialist and creative storyteller. She brings important cultural moments into the world. A few highlights would be: 

* Nur was one of the founding jurors for Deep Cutters Music Marketing Awards.

* Her work in re-branding of the Malala Funs and Malala Day campaign ‘Stronger Than’ 

AWNY Hip-Hop Showcase with Pusha T.